Scientific-methodical journal “Science and education: modern times” 16+

Scientific and methodological journal “Science and education: modern times”

Short title: “Science and education:modern times ”
Transliterated title: “Nauka i obrazovanie: novoye vremya”
International title in English: “Science and education: modern times”

Online (electronic version):
ISSN 2312-4431
The certificate of mass media registration el № FS77-56964 from 14 February 2014, (Roskomnadzor).

Print (printed version):
ISSN: 2541-822

The certificate of mass media registration PI № FS77-70159 from June 16, 2017 ,(Roskomnadzor).

Publication frequency: 6 issues per year
Schedule of the journal:
№1 – February 28                      №4 – August 31
№2 – 30 April                          №5 – October 31
№3 – June 30                           №6 – December 29

Issues of the journal are housed in the base of RISC on the basis of a license agreement with the Scientific Electronic Library (license agreement 815-08/201 ЗК)
The journal- accepts writings both in Russian and English languages.
The journal is published in compliance with all requirements of the Higher Attestation Commission for subsequent inclusion in the list of VAK.(Higher Attestation Commission) .

The official data about the journal:

The editorial Board of the scientific publishing Center “Articulus-info” >>

The editorial Board of the scientific methodical journal “Science and education: modern times”:

Chief editor- Nechaev Mikhail Petrovich, the candidate of Pedagogic Sciences , professor, academician of the International Teacher’s Training Academy (Moscow)
Chairman of editorial Board — Yarutova Alla Nikolaevna, General Director of NOU DPO “Expert-methodical centre, member of the Guild of experts in the field of professional education”

Managing editor – Shvedova Tatyana Ivanovna, head of scientific publishing Department of NOU DPO “Expert-methodical centre”

Founder and Publisher – the private educational institution for further vocational education “The expert – methodical centre”.

Address of founder: Russian Federation, 428018, Chuvash Republic, Cheboksary, Afanasyeva St., 8.
Address of edition: Russian Federation, 428018, Chuvash Republic, Cheboksary, Afanasyeva St., 8.

Phone/Fax: 8(8352)-58-31-27

The journal’s sections:

The section “Modern science” publishes the results of original research in accordance with the passports of scientific specialties of VAK:

03.00.00 – biological Sciences;
16.00.00 – veterinary sciences;
11.00.00 – geographical sciences;
04.00.00 – geological and mineralogical Sciences;
07.00.00 – historical sciences;
17.00.00 – art history;
24.00.00 – cultural science;
14.00.00 – medical sciences;
13.00.00 – pedagogical sciences;
23.00.00 – political sciences;
19.00.00 – psychological sciences;
06.00.00 – agricultural sciences;
22.00.00 – sociological sciences;
05.00.00 – technical sciences;
01.00.00 – physics and mathematics;
10.00.00 – philological sciences;
09.00.00 – philosophical sciences;
02.00.00 – chemical sciences;
08.00.00 – economic sciences.